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04-11-2019, 16:45

Out now: The Bulletin by apea

Have a closer look and find out about leak prevention technology!

05-10-2018, 12:05

World novelty: The vacuum solution in leak monitoring of several tanks and/or pipes at petrol stations

+++ unique solution on a vacuum basis +++ big savings due to outdoor installation +++ remote monitorable +++

Pressure (Overpressure) leak detectors for double walled tanks:

are preferably used for the monitoring of:
  • liquids with a flashpoint < 55°C, as e.g. petrol, kerosene.
  • chemically aggressive liquids, as e.g. lye and acids.

typical applications: petrol stations, industrial sites and chemical plants.

Vacuum (Underpressure) leak detectors for double walled tanks:

are preferably used for:
  • the monitoring of liquids with flashpoint > 55°C, as e.g. heating oil, diesel.
  • tanks, where the interstitial space is not suitable for overpressure for the storage of chemically aggressive and/ or explosive liquids.
  • tanks and installations within areas with potentially explosive atmosphere (zoned areas).

typical applications:
tanks with linings, bulk storage tanks (flat bottom tanks) with double bottom, chemical plants, refineries, tank farms and oil drilling rigs.