Leak detector DL 330 ELC FC

Overpressure leak detector for tanks consisting of a leak detector unit  for serveral tanks with integrated dryfilter control FC and a seperate indicating unit.

The leak detector unit is designed for the installation outside.

The indicating unit shows the operating condition, the alarm for the tanks, an alarm for a pipe leak detector, which might be connected to the detector and the alarm for the dry filter control.

Type with alarmpressure in mbar:
DL  330 ELC FC

up to 6 or 8 double walled underground laying cylindrical tanks with a proved   pressure resistance of the interstitical space of minimum 0,5 bar and a   diameter < 3 m.  

- water polluting liquids
  e.g.: gasoline, petrol,  methanol, kerosene, jet, diesel

Z - 65.23 - 409