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08-04-2020, 15:00

NEW: Vacuum leak detector VL 570 PMMV for the ...

Vacuum leak detector VL 570 PMMV for tank's leak monitoring

leak monitoring of tanks with inner overlay pressures, heated tanks, liquids with high densities, highly aggressive liquids ...

Leakage sensors are designed to detect liquids in containments, pump sumps, etc.

A leak below the liquid level in a tank will be  detected. They give no indication about the tightness of the secondary containment.


Liquids with a flash-point above > 55°C
e.g. heating oil, Diesel, engine oil

Different sensors available:


Capacitive sensor KS

min. liquid level: < 5 mm


Capacitive sensor KVS

min. liquid level: < 1 mm

Conductivity sensor LS

min. liquid level: < 3 mm

Floating switch

min. liquid level: ca. 3 cm