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08-04-2020, 15:00

NEW: Vacuum leak detector VL 570 PMMV for the ...

Vacuum leak detector VL 570 PMMV for tank's leak monitoring

leak monitoring of tanks with inner overlay pressures, heated tanks, liquids with high densities, highly aggressive liquids ...

Remote monitoring LOD

Vacuum leak detector VLR 410/E with LOD
Vacuum leak detector VLR 410/E with LOD
Alarm notification of LOD
Alarm notification via GSM-Module
Alarmweiterleitung via Ethernet data Transmission
Alarm noitification via ethernet connection

Particularly suitable for:

  • Remote or difficult to access installations
  • Unmanned petrol stations
  • Emergency power supplies

The new LOD technology (LOD is for leak detector online diagnostics) is able to establish a secure and continuous remote monitoring of leak detectors. All leak detector operating conditions and data can be collected and transmitted autonomously via cellular mobile technology or via Ethernet connection to the LOD-server and analysed every 24 hours.
As a result, the operation of the leak detector is subject to continuous online examination.


Notice of alarm mode activation is immediately transmitted to the LOD-system and automatic notification is given to registered addressees via e-mail or text message. The LOD-system will register multiple alarm notifications and issue repeated alerts until the cause of alarm is answered locally.

Late identification of alarms, unreported alarms and local manipulation of the annunciator are no longer a problem!

The reliability of the alarm retransmission and the audited reaction are guaranteed to a previously unknown level.

To install the remote monitoring LOD with Ethernet data transmission, an Internet connection must be provided on site. If no Internet connection is available locally, the LOD can also be set up via GSM module – that means over the mobile network.

System overview:

  • Daily notifications to determine the operational availability of the leak detectors
  • Actual pressure of the system
  • Alarm with decrease in pressure
  • Tightness of entire system consisting of leak detector and connected interstitial space
  • Usage of drying filters for service requests
  • Frequency of pump run and total count of pump service requests
  • Failure of magnetic valve (only with certain vacuum leak detectors)
  • Response of internal sensor (sensor or ZD)
  • General faults with electronics
  • Status of an additional digital sensor (if connected to DTM)
  • Output value of an additional analog 4- 20 mbar sensor (if connected to DTM)

Features and Performances:

Information services

  • Daily control of operational availability of any leak detector with the SGB-LOD team
  • Immediate alarm indication to given addressees via text message or email
  • Repeated alarm indication until local rectification of alarm cause (adjustable period)
  • Notification of services after accumulation of daily notifications (adjustable repeated period)
  • On demand supply for data of access to the LOD. This enables a view of a client´s information about a leak detector plus manual triggering of a check measurement.

Maintenance services

  • All information service features
  • Accomplishment of maintenance work, fault repair, examination of an alarm cause locally and elimination if the cause is in the range of the leak monitoring installation. Records of failure.

More information:

For further detailed information please look at the brochure. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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