Safety first: We do testing

Protect yourself and others - after one year of the corona pandemic, the motto is hotter than ever and is consistently pursued and lived at SGB as...

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SGB offers suitable installation kits for UPP's new push-in coupling

Relating to UPP's change-over of their pipe connections, we as manufacturer of leak prevention systems would like to inform and help you to avoid...

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Nuevo: WEBINARS - seminarios especializados ahora digitales

  • Módulos específicos del grupo objetivo
  • Digital & Compacto
  • Conocimiento esencial de la tecnología de detección de fugas
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No vuelva a perderse un boletín informativo: ¡regístrese ahora!

¿Está interesado en nuevas tecnologías y desarrollos en tecnología de detección de fugas? Entonces le damos una calurosa bienvenida y le invitamos a...

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Happy New and Healthy Year!

New year, new challenges!

We - the whole team of SGB - like to thank our business partners for the good, trustful and prosperous collaboration in...

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