Leak detection technology / Leak detector

For a clean and protected environment.

Overpressure- and underpressure leak detection technology and leak detector for double walled tanks and pipes.
Leak detection systems and Leak detector, which will give an alarm indication, before stored product can enter the environment causing environmental pollution. Leakage sensors for the monitoring of pump sumps, manhole chambers, containment’s. An approved and safe technology for the monitoring.

SGB leak detection system is a byword for quality in monitoring double walled tanks and pipes with a vacuum leak detector or a pressure leak detector to realize the highest environmental protection level in accordance to EN 13160. A leak detection system consists out of a leak detector and a leak indicator  and does monitor tanks and pipes 100% and continuously for any leak. Leak detectors for tanks or leak detectors for pipes are either working on overpressure or under pressure and also might be supported by a leakage sensor or a leak probe.  Millions of tanks are monitored by a leak detection system to protect our environment. As the leak indication is given by an leak indicator before stored liquid can enter the environment these systems are also well known as a leak prevention system. Detecting a leak before the leakage occurs is the world wide needed and required leak prevention.