Specialist seminar


• operators
• engineers
• specialized companies
• experts

of systems with substances hazardous to water (industrial plants, filling stations and heating oil tank systems)


For a clean and protected environment


In our seminar, we impart fundamental general knowledge on leak detectors as well as specialist knowledge on our products. This is important as unsuitable or incorrectly installed leak detection systems can have serious consequences (costs, trouble with authorities, delays at the construction site, etc.). Our seminar includes:

  • clear information on the functions of pneumatic leak detectors
  • use and areas of use of pressure and vacuum leak detectors
  • basic knowledge on the general legal conditions
  • in-depth practical demonstrations

Seminar participants receive a certificate of participation. This can be used as proof of training for qualified employees (see Section 62 AwSV, Specialized companies, certification of specialized companies). It does NOT replace proof of professional qualifications.


Location SGB GmbH, Hofstr. 10, 57076 Siegen, Germany
Duration 9.00 am – 4.30 pm
Proof All participants receive a certificate of participation as well as proof of qualification.
Participants min. 5 persons, max. 15 persons
Cost EUR 225.00 p.p. incl. food and drink, certificate (as of 11/2018)
Cancellation/non-show of participants Failure of the participants to cancel in good time (one week prior to the start of the seminar) and/or failure of participants to show up on the day result in an administration fee of EUR 75.00 p.p. (as of 11/2018).
Note If the number of participants is too low, we reserve the right to cancel the seminar and/or offer alternative dates. Places are issued on the first come, first serve principle.
Languages Seminars in English, French or Spanish on request. Your contacts: Mr. Peter Vass (GB, peter.vass@sgb.de) and Mr. Carsten Knatz (ES, FR, carsten.knatz@sgb.de)