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08-04-2020, 15:00

NEW: Vacuum leak detector VL 570 PMMV for the ...

Vacuum leak detector VL 570 PMMV for tank's leak monitoring

leak monitoring of tanks with inner overlay pressures, heated tanks, liquids with high densities, highly aggressive liquids ...

Professional seminars – information and booking

Our seminars are offered several times per year.
Specific seminars are held on customer request.

Our training and exercise rooms offer space for 7 participants. They are equipped with real functioning leak detection systems.

Language: German (English on request)

Duration: from 9:00 am to ca. 4:00 pm

Costs: EUR 240,- per person. Including drinks and one meal.

 Leak detection technology professional seminar:

 The theoretical part deals with:
  • legal background
  • technology and functioning
  • monitoring of tanks and liquids
  • application areas and the limitation of use
  • assembly, maintenance and testing
  • presentation of essential products
The practical part deals with:
  • examination of leak detectors
  • fault detection, troubleshooting
  • exchange defective parts
  • function control
  • leak test

Next appointments: Please contact us!

Specific seminars are held on customer request. Please contact Peter Vass, 0049 271 48964-33.

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