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  • Modules spécifiques aux groupes cibles
  • Digital & compact
  • Expertise technique d’affichage des fuites
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Êtes-vous intéressé par les nouvelles technologies et les développements en matière de technologie de détection de fuites ? Alors, nous vous...

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Happy New and Healthy Year!

New year, new challenges!

We - the whole team of SGB - like to thank our business partners for the good, trustful and prosperous collaboration in...

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Need to monitor critical fluids? Here is your solution!

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SGB's vacuum leak detector VL 570 PMMV completey made of stainless steel with many technically upgraded features. Find out more about this innovative...

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Already heard about monitoring ex liquids with a leakage sensor?

Or interested in leak monitoring of tanks and sumps with one device at the same time? Find out more in our freshly published newsletter.

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