SGB celebrates its 60th anniversary at UNITI expo

What started with a wooden cabinet in 1962 has become one of the broadest product ranges in leak prevention technology.

It all began with Dr. Fritz Berg, the father of today's company owner, and his innovative idea of active soil and groundwater protection caused by leaking tanks.

It was back in the 1960s when an increasing number of single-walled steel tanks storing heating oil started leaking and caused heavy environmental damage. As a result, national legislation on water protection had been tightened considerably to avoid those liquids hazardous to water entering and polluting the soil any longer. It was at that time that Dr. Fritz Berg developed the first leakage monitoring on a pneumatic basis. This was the birth of SGB.

Full-vacuum leak monitoring was followed by the first pressure and vacuum leak detectors for double-walled tanks and pipelines as well as single-walled tanks with a leak protection lining. Initially mechanically operated, these were further developed until the first fully electrically operated leak detectors came onto the market in 2002. With further development of the technology, the areas of application and possible uses could also be expanded more and more: For example, the first leak detector for leak monitoring of double bottoms of flat-bottom tanks was developed as early as 1976 and in 1997 the VL-H9 became SGB’s first explosion-proof leak detector.

The Siegen-based company performed true pioneering work by playing a major role in shaping the EN 13160 standard for leak monitoring. It is now established worldwide, thus setting sustainable standards. The special feature of the SGB approach: Both walls of underground tanks or pipelines are permanently monitored via the system. An alarm is triggered even before a pollutant can escape.

With his team of 45, Jost Berg, son of the company’s founder and managing director since 1990, focuses on market-oriented innovation and continuous high quality. This is reflected in the unique product range of leak detectors as well as in customer-friendly offers such as the B2B online store at, the wide range of technical training courses and services such as planning and implementation of special solutions.

The first opportunity to celebrate with SGB will be at UNITI expo taking place in May in Stuttgart, Germany. 17–19 May, 2022. Hall 5, booth B12.

SGB milestones:

1962   Invention of full-vacuum metric leakage monitoring and founding of SGB by Dr. Fritz Berg
1967First leak detectors for tanks with a leak protection lining: VL N1, VSH
1976First leak detector for double-walled pipes: VL-Hfw2
 First pressure leak detectors for tanks
 First leak detectors for flat bottom tanks
1990Jost Berg, son of the company’s founder, takes over the management
 The 200,000th leak detector is produced
1997First explosion-protected vacuum leak detector VL-H9
1999SGB is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified by LRQA
 Invention of ELC Economic Leak Control – pressure leak detectors for several underground tanks (for BP)
 First leak detectors for double-walled hoses
2002First electronically operating leak detector: with new plastic housing, integrated leak calculation, digital pressure display, and “real” three-way valves in pressure and measuring line
2009VIMS monitors double-walled underground tanks and pipes with a conveying pressure of up to 6 bar – especially made for mineral oil products
2010LDU: the first solution on a pressure basis for monitoring both tanks and pipes with one device at petrol stations
2015SGB International, SGB’s company for global trading outside Europe is founded
2017VLXE-SAB T/P (SAB is for Stand-Alone-Box, i.e., outdoor installation) is especially developed for monitoring several tanks and pipes at petrol stations
 Launch of LD VIP, leak monitoring especially made for LNG pipes
2018Improved weather-proof housing made of stainless-steel, IP 66
2020Launch of B2B web shop at
 First electronic leak detector for Ex areas VLXE .. Ex MMV
2022Staff of 45, turnover of > 7 m euros


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SGB's first leak detector from 1962